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À La Carte AI

Being precise with your asset can save millions of dollars every year. À La Carte AI can help you, based on data. 


Preparing Your Training and Testing Datasets
Transforming the Data

Building the AI Network

Train an ML model on your Data. Evaluate the accuracy of the Model. Tune hyperparameters

Request predictions

Send Prediction Requests to your model. Online Prediction
Monitor predictions continuously


Predict and optimize asset maintenance

Increase productivity and reduce maintenance cost.

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Drive revenue and customer value

Enterprise AI to your existing CRM.

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Increase production and process efficiency

Improve recovery, lower costs, and achieve environmental compliance.

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Oil and Gas

Detects risks and anomalies ahead of time

Predict and prescribe actions for critical assets, processes and systems.

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Supply Chain

Accurate forecasts and optimal schedules

Minimize costs and maximize performance.

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Diagnose and cure with the help of A.I.

Get A.I. analysis results of your medical information.

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Reduces energy cost and streamlines operations

Drive better solutions for solar and wind systems.

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Digital omni-commerce A.I. platform to the next level

A.I. solutions for category management, supply and more.

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Desde donde estés

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