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IoT Platform

Manage your assets anywhere in the world with real-time monitoring of our IOT Platform and Globalstar's LEO Satellite Network.


Track your assets in remote locations and at sea


Determines when and where equipment is used

Natural Resources

Mining, Oil & Gas, Government, Fishing, Paper and more


Railroad cars, propane tanks, acid.

Hardware IoT

Buque de carga en el puerto

Turn your assets into Operational Intelligence in real time.

Track and control your assets to prevent loss or manage anti-theft tracking and asset recovery.

IOTraže Platform are affordable and offer international coverage, while keeping your business connected and up to date.

Your telematics and asset tracking applications that are too important to rely on cellular, the IOTraže Platform transforms your data at the edge, reducing development time and satellite transmission costs while creating capabilities you never imagined possible.


The IOTraže Platform gives you the tools to develop AI-enabled applications to bring intelligent data to your analytics and telematics endpoints.


It goes without saying that if you are interested in seeing what is beyond your box, do not hesitate to make contact.

Petrol truck transporting fuel 4DIGITAL satellite tracking

Innovation  Leadership

Turn your assets into Operational Intelligence in real time.

Satellite Data Transmission

High Quality Material

It provides data connectivity via satellite anywhere in the world in real time.

ATEX Certification and Intrinsic Safety. Magnetic tamper.

Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 5

Does not require wiring or antennas

BLE 5 integration for connectivity with sensors, updates, configuration and data.

Solar powered battery lasting more than 10 years. Does not require maintenance.

Desde donde estés

Yellow Orange Grey Clean Professional Mockups Financial Technology (Fintech) Technology Pr

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