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How do you apply Artificial Intelligence in mining?

For a mining company or large manufacturer with thousands of machines, accurate machine maintenance can save millions of dollars each year.

An effective Predictive Maintenance (PM) program will minimize under- and over-maintenance of your machine. 4Digital's Artificial Intelligence can tell you, based on data, when a machine requires maintenance.


Based on business data, the mining or machinery company currently incurs costs of $27,000 per failed or maintained machine. 4DIGITAL's AI aims to reduce this cost.

Implementation of the Predictive Model

4Digital's AI aims to show the industry how a predictive maintenance (PM) program can save them money.

To do this, a predictive model is built that predicts machine failure within 90 days of actual failure. Note that a suitable error window will always depend on the context of the problem. If a machine breaks without maintenance in 6 months, a three month window is meaningless. Here, where a machine will run for 4 to 6 years without maintenance, a 90-day window becomes reasonable.


“4DIGITAL's AI can tell you, based on data, when a machine requires maintenance, optimizing the balance between corrective and preventive maintenance, facilitating on-time replacement of components.”

"This approach minimizes the cost of unscheduled maintenance and maximizes component life, thus getting more value out of a part or piece."



In a scenario where maintenance costs the company about USD 27,000 per machine, a predictive maintenance solution from 4Digital will reduce the cost per machine by about USD 3,560 per machine and considering an example of a universe of 430 machines, the efficiency equals to 1,204 million savings or around a 10% reduction in total expenses.


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